Reputation Managment

reputation managment

Reputation Marketing does 2 things for business

Reputation Marketing does 2 things for business

1) Systematically increases positive reviews on commonly viewed social media sites. This helps with web-searching and bringing the business new customers based on perceived expectation of a great experience. If you already have negative responses, they will not be removed. However, they will be "buried" by positive reviews. Prospective customers will see the quantity of reviews rise and average rating rise alongside.

2) Intercepts negative reviews and feelings of customers that had a less than optimal experience. By providing an outlet for these customers to get some redress, it prevents them from leaving negative results that would hurt the stream of new customers.

Customer Role
Reputation Marketing requires a committed effort by businesses to continuously provide their customers' contact information. This can be done daily, weekly, etc.

Reputation Marketing Role
In order for us to be successful for you, we need a steady stream of customers (both satisfied and unsatisfied) for us to contact.
The structure of the program is set up so each customer receives roughly 4 "touches". The first being either a text or email customized and personalized to the work you did for them with a request for a "" "quick" minute of their time to leave some kind words in order to help grow the McGuinness Tree online brand and reputation" . This text and email will have an easy to click link directed to the social media platform of choice.

  • Google plus
  • Facebook
  • Yellowbook
  • Yelp
  • City squares
  • etc.

Our process of contact your customers is simple, yet effective:

Email > Text > Phone call > Email.

We are representing ourselves as your company and therefore need your contacts for those "disgruntled" customers. A small effort to resolve these problems before they're online forever is incredibly worthwhile.

Business are invoiced a set amount each month, which covers a specific number of Reputation Contacts. For example, if your business sees 80 customers each month, We would start with 20 Reputation Contacts for $200/month, which would cover . Any additional contacts per month would be invoiced at $10 per contact. However, if you only supply us enough information for 10 contacts in a given month, those other 10 would rollover to the next month.


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